MISSHA Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask

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With its compact cell fabric, this sheet mask adheres lightly to the skin, delivering active ingredients to the skin effectively. 

It intensely moisturizes and smoothes dry, flaky skin
Aloe, which is native to desert regions, is highly effective in hydrating and calming skin.

It brightens dull skin.
Shining beautiful pearls make skin bright and smooth.

Green Tea
It keeps sensitive skin moist and calm.
Green tea leaves rich in water reduce irritation and hydrate skin, leaving it bright and moist. 

It gives skin the satiny texture of flowing honey.
Nutritious honey extract makes skin moisturized and provides healthy radiance to the skin.

It leaves skin looking brighter and fresher.
Fresh lemons rich in vitamins make dull skin smooth and revitalized.

It firms and smoothes skin.
Red pomegranate makes lifeless skin smooth and elastic.

Tea Tree
It makes skin look clear and leaves skin feeling refreshed.
Tea tree extract, which is famous for its skin care benefit, is excellent in calming irritation and refreshing skin.

It keeps skin moisturized.
Bamboo extract, which has great vitality, hydrates and energizes dry skin, while protecting it against dryness.

It makes rough skin look clear and smooth
Nutritious rice leaves skin looking silky, moist, and radiant.  

Shea Butter 
It makes skin moist and glowing.
Shea butter extract, which has an excellent moisturizing benefit, nourishes skin and forms a strong moisturizing layer over skin.

Acai Berry
It nourishes and revitalizes skin.
Acai berry, now recognized as a superfood, has excellent an anti-oxidant benefit that smoothes and revitalizes flaky skin.

Red Ginseng 
It makes skin revitalized by nourishing and energizing skin.
Red ginseng revitalizes skin and leaves it looking healthy and beautiful with its nourishing ingredients.

It makes skin moist and flawless.
Sweet and soft mango extract provides natural radiance to the skin while making it smooth and elastic. 

Lotus Flower 
It hydrates skin and makes it look clear by soothing irritation.
Lotus extract, which has great vitality, is effective in brightening and purifying skin.

Lentil Bean
It makes skin smooth and fresh .
Lentils rich in proteins keep skin moist and fresh by controlling the secretion of sebum and moisturizing skin.